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The South Australian Pride Awards highlight different aspects of our community and the people and groups who have made a positive impact. Join us as we honour those who have contributed to our community's growth and diversity. Explore the different award categories below and celebrate with us the progress we've made together.

Community Group of the year

"This award celebrates community-based groups and initiatives that demonstrate exceptional dedication to fostering inclusivity, support, and empowerment within the LGBTQIA+ community, including social, support, or sports groups. Eligible nominees provide valuable camaraderie, networking opportunities, and assistance for LGBTQIA+ individuals facing challenges such as mental health issues, homelessness, discrimination, or HIV/AIDS. Nominees may include social clubs, support groups, online communities, nonprofits, community centers, grassroots initiatives, sports teams, or clubs dedicated to promoting the well-being, empowerment, and engagement of LGBTQIA+ people."

Event of the year

The Event of the Year award celebrates outstanding events or initiatives that have had a significant cultural, social, or political impact on the LGBTQIA+ community. Eligible events may include Pride festivals, parades, conferences, rallies, or other gatherings that promote LGBTQIA+ visibility, acceptance, and celebration.

Venue of the year

This award recognises LGBTQIA+-friendly venues, such as bars, clubs, theatres, or community spaces, that have provided inclusive environments and contributed to the vibrant LGBTQIA+ nightlife and cultural scene. Eligible venues should demonstrate a commitment to diversity, safety, and accessibility for all members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Community Impact Award

The Community Impact Award celebrates individuals or organisations whose efforts have made a significant difference in promoting LGBTQIA+ rights and equality. This award recognises allies who have gone above and beyond in their support, advocacy, and allyship towards the LGBTQIA+ community. Nominees may include those who have actively fostered inclusive spaces, championed LGBTQIA+ causes, or stood up for the rights and acceptance of LGBTQIA+ individuals within their communities.

Performer or Artist of the year

The Artist and Performer of the Year award celebrates individuals and groups who have demonstrated exceptional talent and creativity in their respective artistic disciplines, including but not limited to visual arts, literature, music, theatre, dance, film, drag, burlesque, and comedy. Eligible nominees may include artists, performers, entertainers, drag queens, kings, burlesque performers, singers, dancers, comedians, or other entertainers whose work explores LGBTQIA+ themes, identities, or experiences and contributes to LGBTQIA+ representation and visibility in the arts and nightlife culture.

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